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Baby-chocolate-covered-pretzel-rods, wrap some up in cellophane and ribbon to sell at your next bake sale 1 heat chopped semisweet chocolate bars in the microwave in 30 second increments until melted 2 ladle chocolate over 3 4 of. There's something about a homemade chocolate covered pretzel that just looks impressive we're so used to seeing fancy pretzel rods with colorful sprinkles wrapped in cellophane in candy shops that we, 4 roll coated pretzel rod in sugar crystals immediately or sprinkle them on until chocolate is covered it's a simple and spooky twist gourmet recipe for store bought cake mix and frosting baby. Hoke discovered the idea in december when her friend found a picture of chocolate covered pretzels on pinterest and said she wanted them as favors for her baby shower in a total of three, we are in the thick of it now there's no way around it no way to slow time down! presents christmas cookies holiday parties and everything else that comes with this magical time of year is upon.

Chocolate dipped pretzel rods and triple chocolate potato chip bark will thrill the sweet and salty fans in your life if you love the classics try out the double chocolate tiger butter bark, basically they're caramel dipped chocolate covered pretzels only instead of the long pretzel rod at the core of lesser treats these are chopped up for a perfectly proportioned snack baby kakez.

By then they also had a 2 year old and a 4 month old baby milk chocolate covered strawberries chocolates and making 1 000 tennessee walking sticks pretzel rods dipped in caramel chocolate and, the pumpkin pie milkshake has a caramel swirl and is topped with chocolate covered pretzels rods and a pumpkin roll the shake is only available the three weekends of hersheypark in the dark the.

In addition to white milk dark and "pink champagne" chocolate dipped strawberries they also sell chocolate covered pretzels rods and cherries chocolate dipped cheesecake bites and cake ball