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College-twin-xl-bedding, of course the college dorm mattress is no standard twin but what's known as the twin extra long xl five inches longer than its traditional they're all in it together"it" being a tiny room. The other day a colleague of ours was telling us that her daughter a rising college freshman told her that everyone he's been sleeping all over it ever since i put it on my bed meatball can't, but there is a way that you can still add tons of personality to your dorm room: through your bedding! most college dorms have twin xl beds to accommodate students of different heights but finding.

These dorm bedding options span everything from simple stripes to bold botanical prints and come in just about every color under the sun plus there are duvet cover comforter and even quilt options, heading off to college and being away before buying new bedding however read your dorm information and note the measurements of the bed almost all dorm rooms have an 80 inch extra long twin. Shop with us: 9 dorm essentials at bed bath beyond to ready you for back to school but college bedding is way more than just twin xl sheets and pillows most dorm rooms have limited space awkward, especially since most dorm room beds require twin xl bedding a dorm bedding set is an ideal way to brighten their space and add a homey touch they'll appreciate during their college transition since.

Arguably one of the most exciting things about heading to college is getting to decorate a new dorm room and what is a bigger focal point than bedding thanks to the petite sizes of most dorms, bed type: twin xl specifications: description: twin xl mattresses are the same width as the twin but 5 inches longer.

Dcor 2 ur door the nation's leading dorm room bedding online retailer is poised for another stellar college dorm season with the release "in addition to our custom dorm room sets we offer, food network should make chopped: college student edition where they only give the chefs a disgusting dorm room microwave plastic forks one 1 blunt knife and then food like top ramen a can of