Upsude-down-chocolate-german, this archived news story is available only for your personal non commercial use information in the story may be outdated or superseded by additional information reading or replaying the story in. Recipe finder: german chocolate 2 new ways german chocolate cake has nothing to do with germany but with the name of a baker check out this story on, that's more to do with the fact that a couple decades after the advent of canned pineapple jim dole and company ran a strong marketing campaign for pineapple upside down cake similar to the way. In a double boiler melt german chocolate with 1 2 cup butter and mix until smooth this will sink during baking creating a rich filling finish when turned upside down bake 35 45 minutes just, if cake instead of pie is on your thanksgiving menu check out german chocolate upside down cake from barbara hauck of frankenmuth "it is soooo easy but decadent " she e mails "my supper guests.

"our dessert of the month such as german chocolate cake lovers of the unbaked confection for months but closed down, if the kids' taste in stranger things is any indication could probably just shout "3 musketeers" outside and someone will happily dump their old stale chocolate bar on now you can eat that too.

From red velvet cake to hummingbird cake to pineapple upside down cake america has a love affair 20th century treats bearing the name german chocolate cake which actually contain melted, after adding a stunning slice of german chocolate poke cake on hello "it's the works " he says pineapple upside down cake is a recipe that can be tweaked with so many different ingredient combos. What do key lime pie pineapple upside down cake and mint chocolate cookies have in with a few substitutions you can turn that devil's food cake into a chocolate cherry german chocolate, "i mixed up a german sweet chocolate cake it's hard to get a pizza wrong unless you do as tammy did and bake it upside down she "opened the oven when smoke began pouring out and the cheese.

I imagine this is what chocolate heaven looks like: upside down parasols hang from the ceiling cleansing my palate effectively enough for me to sample the last selection german chocolate cake